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Easy SDK integration offers a range of SDKs to enable quick integration with your existing apps. These provide the UI and functionality for displaying cards and allowing customers to respond to these cards, all inside your app.

Public API and webhooks​​

Use API requests and Webhooks to trigger cards, use customer response data to update customer profile data in your own systems and feed analytic data into your own BI tools.​​ Workbench

Our browser-based Workbench offers a low-code way to interact with the platform. This is where business users can design cards, upload customer files, view analytic insights, logs and much more.

Our SDKs offers native mobile SDKs for iOS and Android, and a Web SDK supporting the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari on macOS, Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android. We also offer React Native, Flutter and Cordova SDK wrappers.

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